Hormone Balancing

Alleviate the Symptoms of Aging • Catherine O'Connell MD

BIO-IDENTICAL HORMONE REPLACEMENT As women and men live longer, hormone therapy has become a way to feel good, look great, and live a healthy vibrant life with strong healthy bones. We can help you learn more about natural, bioidentical hormone therapy that can alleviate the symptoms of aging for a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Hormone balancing covers a wide age range and is an effective therapy for both men and women, particularly women from starting their monthly cycles to entering menopause. Every decade has a unique hormone need which, without treatment, can cause a lot of disruption to everyday life.

By taking a careful history, physical examination and appropriate laboratory testing, whether by blood or saliva, we can work out a personalized program for you. Men also have their unique needs and can be evaluated in a similar way.

Bio-identical hormone replacement is one approach to hormone balancing. These hormones are the same molecular structure as the human body produces, and in certain circumstance may offer a better solution than synthetic chemicals.

RestoreHealth is our source for bio-identical hormones. It is a compounding pharmacy specializing in the formulation of commercially unavailable, custom compounded medications using only the highest quality ingredients, state-of-the-art technology, and the industry’s highest standards of purity and quality control.