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Founded in 2000

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We are a traditional Family Practice office with an Integrative Medicine orientation, treating the whole family, starting at age 12. We do routine physical examinations including gynecological services such as pap smears and birth control management in women, and we take care of acute and chronic illnesses. We take most medical insurances and bill insurance companies for patients.

We are conveniently located near Sarasota Memorial Hospital with easy access to x-ray and laboratory  facilities.  Our office complex offers convenient  parking  with handicap access. 

Our office hours start early in the mornings, 8:00 am Mon-Fri, for the convenience of working people. We also offer walk-in hours between 8-8:15 every morning for established patients only with acute simple conditions, such as coughs, colds, bladder infections etc. We close the office at 12:00 pm Mon-Fri. 

We schedule patients every 15 minutes for regular appointments and allow 30 minutes for routine physical examinations. We also allow 30 minutes for new patients.

Ongoing family care includes:
  • Acute care for any condition
  • Chronic health management such as HTN, cholesterol, weight, arthritis, and other chronic conditions
  • Annual physical examinations for men and women, and  routine gynecological examinations with pap smears
  • EKGs
  • We take off simple skin lesions, and perform cryotherapy on warts
  • We offer counseling and treatment for stress management, anxiety and depression. More complex problems are referred to a psychiatrist


My Concierge Program was developed for those patients interested in a  greater focus on wellness and prevention. The concierge physical includes testing that is not covered by insurance, but is medically important. These tests have uncovered serious problems in some of my patients including cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Older and younger patients alike have been enthusiastic about the convenience and personalized service of my concierge program. Our patients have appreciated punctual and unhurried visits. They have valued the time I have taken on the telephone with them and with their families. Travelers, business professionals and students have given me high marks for service provided by telephone when they have been far from home.

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Why am I always tired?
The physical causes can range from unhealthy lifestyles, being overweight, lack of exercise, to thyroid disorders, nutritional deficiencies and hormonal imbalance. Our minds affect our health as well. Spiritual and emotional fitness can contribute to healing. Making lifestyle changes is the first step to improved health and a happier life.